Particls and Perfspot

For the last few days I’ve been experimenting with Particls, which could be described as a news aggregator/widget/ticker. It could be described as that if you can’t think of a better way to put it. The idea is that you enter some keywords/phrases into the app, and Particls will stream news to you in a ticker on the top of your screen.

Today I realized I was being flooded with information. While checking my RSS feeds, I was on Trillian, listening to XM radio and had Particls running at the top of my screen. I was consuming more information than a human being could possibly use.

I noticed a headline that caught my attention: Fastest Growing Web Site in the World, According to Top Internet Tracking Firm

From the wording of the headline I instinctively knew it was from a press release. Usually I’ll skip those, but it made a bold claim: A site I’ve never heard of is the fastest growing web site in the world. Not being aware of the fastest growing site in the world? That’s just unacceptable.

So I went to the site and signed up for an account. My first impression: Perfspot is myspace without restrictions. It looks like they are really pushing the “go ahead and put up NSFW content, we don’t care” angle. From PerfSpot’s about page:

The beauty of is that there’s no limit to who can enjoy their PerfLife here – men and women, young and old, EVERYBODY loves to laugh and to share what they think is fun and exciting. So go ahead, express yourself, show off what’s Perf to you! You’ll be surprised to see how many people agree!

The verdict: It sure looks a lot like myspace, and so far I can’t see much of a difference other than the fact that you can see and upload NSFW content. I’m going to take a look around, but so far I’m not seeing a big difference.

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  1. It has significant differences between myspace and facebook if you spend the time getting to know the site’s identity, but no, they don’t cater to NSFW content.

    No one wants kids looking at porn, anything that wouldn’t make it onto your TV, you probably won’t find on perfspot.

    I.e. uploading scenes of excessive gore, nudity, pornography, ect, will be deleted within a few minutes.

    At a glance, it’s easy to say that all social networking sites look the same. Think of it like pickup trucks. If you just look at the exterior, they all kind of look the same, don’t they?


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