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What’s on your mind?

That is the basic theme behind Bryan Person’s latest creation, the Social Media Top Ten. Who is influencing you this week? What social media trends are catching your eye? Which memes are stuck in your head like like a song you’ve been humming in the shower every morning?

Here’s my offering for what’s on my mind this week. Along with Bryan, I encourage everyone to post on this meme, and use the SMT10 Technorati tag so we can all find each other’s thoughts.

Social Media Top Ten

1) Twitter – When I first caved into the microblogging peer pressure, I went against the grain and signed up for Pownce. It soon became obvious that Twitter is where it’s at. And, as Bryan says, I dare you to find a conversation about social media where Twitter doesn’t come up.

2) Facebook videos – I’ve seen a surge in posting videos to Facebook in the last week. Notably, Kevin Dugan has been posting videos that are both helpful and hilarious.

3) Johnson & Johnson vs. the Red Cross – CustomScoop’s Jen White discussed the case in here when the news broke; I’ve enjoyed following everyone else’s reactions, particularly that of Eric Eggerston.

4) iJustine – It took her now-famous “300-page iPhone Bill” video for me to find her, but now I’m hooked. Blogging needs more young female voices. Sisterhood is powerful!

5) PR Power Women – Speaking of strong female voices…The PR Power Women are all smart, savvy communicators. If you’re not subscribing, feel free to do so now!

6) Bacn – Not a spam, but not yet an email? Bacn! There’s been a little backlash to this new term, but there’s no denying it is here to stay.

7) Let’s Go Camping! – BarCamp and PodCamp discussions are all over my social media radar this week. See you all in Boston!

8 ) Boston the Place to Be for Social Media – Okay, so I live a good 45 minutes from Boston. But this still made me proud. Yeah, New England!

9) The Friendly Ghost’s PR Blog Index – Some competition for the Power 150?

10) Fool Me Once… – Embarrassingly enough, I discovered this week that “Fitzy,” the star of Townie’s hilarious (though definitely NSFW kids!) Boston sports webcasts, is simply a character played by a Boston-area actor and comedian. Truly a low point for me.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be posting new Social Media Top Ten lists periodically. Check back for more!

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