BlogCatalog Adds SezWho’s Comment Ranking Platform

BlogCatalog, a social network for bloggers, has integrated support for SezWho’s plugin, adding comment ranking, comment filtering, and the chance to see a commenter’s activity across the web. Here’s how it works: you get the SezWho plugin and add it to your blog. Once the plugin is activated, you’ll see the following in your blog: [...]

Liveblogging DEMO 2008- Wednesday Afternoon Session

DEMO 2008- Wednesday Early Session

Though I won’t be able to stay for the entire time, I thought I’d take some notes on this morning’s early session. DEMO has done a great job of getting the presentation videos up on the main site quickly, and all of yesterdays presentations are now available on I’ll fill in the gaps tonight, [...]

Full List of DEMO 2008 Presenters- Wednesday Sessions

The following is a list of all companies presenting at today’s sessions at DEMO 2008. The information presented here was compiled from the DEMO website as well as each company’s site. Wednesday Session One: The Revolution Will Be Broadcast on the Web DEMO Description: The demand for rich video content places big demands on content [...]

DEMO 2008 Afternoon Session

DEMO 2008 Session One

Where to find DEMO 2008 Live Blogging

I won’t be able to catch the DEMO 2008 presentations as they happen (since I’m not there and the vid stream doesn’t seem to be working), but I see that @trishussey and @marshallk are live blogging the presentations here. Looks like I’ll have to watch the videos when the become available.

Full List of DEMO 2008 Companies- Tuesday Sessions

The following list was compiled from the DEMO site as well as each company’s web site. Just thought it would be nice to have a reference list for those of us that didn’t make the trip this time around. Session One: We’re Not Just Conference Producers, We’re Customers DEMO Description: Every product we select for [...]

(Not So Live) Blogging Demo 2008

Unlike DEMOfall 2007, I am not going to be at DEMO 2008. Therefore, liveblogging would be, well, nearly impossible. Or is it? I took a look at the DEMO web site this morning, and found that they’ll be streaming the presentations live online. Though not as much fun (getting to meet and talk with presenting [...]

What Happens When The Services We Rely On Go Away?

Over the last week or so, I’ve learned something the hard way: when the services we rely on are gone, it really makes you realize how much you depend on them. My first run-in with a problem with something that is usually reliable was when my hosting company had some serious issues. This blog, along [...]