BlogCatalog Adds SezWho’s Comment Ranking Platform

BlogCatalog, a social network for bloggers, has integrated support for SezWho’s plugin, adding comment ranking, comment filtering, and the chance to see a commenter’s activity across the web.

Here’s how it works: you get the SezWho plugin and add it to your blog. Once the plugin is activated, you’ll see the following in your blog:

So, if you mouseover one of the comments, you’ll get:

Which shows the other blogs that the commenter has left comments on, with a score and rating.

Now that BlogCatalog has integrated support for SezWho, the commenter’s profile avatar from BlogCatalog will appear in the comment, and the activity reports back to the BlogCatalog profile.

So What?

Well, here’s what.

If you’re a blogger looking to understand your readers, you can see the other blogs they are commenting on. To me, that’s useful: seeing that someone commented on my post and then commented on a Read/Write Web article, will make me want to check out that post. The flipside, of course, is that new traffic will be coming to my blog because there are new links to blogstring on other sites with the plugin enabled.

I’ll leave this feature on for a bit, and will add some more commentary when I learn more about how it all works.

6 Responses to “BlogCatalog Adds SezWho’s Comment Ranking Platform”

  1. this is a test. This is only a test.

  2. I don’t like that it asks for an email address as soon as you click “Yes” or “No.”

  3. For something that encourages reputation and accountability, it doesn’t do much to stop people from just using someone else’s email.

  4. Good overview. Thanks.

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