Podcasting Is Hard- But I’m Trying- BlogTalkRadio Is Dope.

Haven’t used the word “dope” in a while. Feels pretty good.

Anyway, I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing some kind of podcast for far too long. On June 25th, BlogTalkRadio announced $4.6 Million in Series A funding from the Kraft Group, so I had to check it out. [full disclosure: I work at matchmine, a company also funded by the Kraft Group]

What have I learned? Well, podcasting is really, really hard. And BlogTalkRadio is very cool.

What’s So Great About BlogTalkRadio?

Well, first of all, it’s easy. To have a show, you just set up an account, and you get a phone number to call and a pin. You schedule a “segment” (their term for an episode), and call in to start the show. Others can call in too, and the host can punch up callers microphones on a switchboard. It’s simple enough that anyone can have a professional sounding show.

While the show is being aired, listeners can hear it at BlogTalkRadio or on your blog using an embed code. Or both. And when the show is over, it’s archived at BlogTalkRadio, and offered as an MP3 download as well.

Though navigating the site is a little bit tricky at first, BlogTalkRadio is great for anyone looking to easily create and distribute a podcast.

What’s So Hard About Podcasting?

I’m lucky enough to sit about 20 feet from Trent Adams, founder of matchmine, Data Portability advocate and media guy. I mean, the guy created the first direct-to-digital video show for the New England Patriots, producing over 70 hours of content each week. Not exactly a lightweight.

So when I approached him about doing a show, he was all for it, as it’s the kind of stuff he does all the time. And instead of actually preparing for it, I just thought we’d wing it. Bad idea.

Our first episode started with nearly 2 minutes of dead air (I couldn’t find button to turn on the mic), and was followed by a stream of relentless uhs and ummmms from me. I was a mess, but Trent had my back and ran with it.

After the show (described as “moderately painful”) I decided prep work was the way to go. I actually filled out a sheet in five minute increments and even assigned clever names. With that, I give you episode two of the object:location podcast. In this episode we discuss:

  • The new digg.com recommendation engine
  • XDI and XRI- WTF are they?
  • meOwns.com- A social network for showing off what you own

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3 Responses to “Podcasting Is Hard- But I’m Trying- BlogTalkRadio Is Dope.”

  1. Good Job Nate! Trust me, it gets easier every time you do it, you’ll sound like a pro in no time. :)

    I still want to do a Blogstring podcast too, if we ever get around to it and aren’t already burnt out by both of us doing work podcasts!

  2. Thanks.
    And yes, we can definitely do a blogstring one. One thing I won’t get burned out on is talking. I very rarely have nothing to say.

  3. [...] with a phone can be a radio host. Don’t believe us? Check out this awesome testimonial from Nathan Burke. He’s not on staff and we’re not paying him to sing our praises. He knows BTR is easier [...]

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