Avoiding Awkward Conversations: Slydial

Not since I saw an article about a service that prevents you from dialing certain numbers after you’ve been drinking have I seen something that could so revolutionize the often painfully awkward world of modern dating.

I’m an avid screener. Whether it’s my mother and sister (who seem to call on a daily basis, particularly Mom, who calls to see if I am okay if she hears about a car accident anywhere in the state), a telemarketer, or anyone else intruding on my evening, I’m almost always going to let it go to voicemail.

But nowhere is the power of the Screen more important than in the dating world. Awkward first date calling to ask you out again? Voicemail. Drunken ex-boyfriend at 2 in the morning? Voicemail. For that matter, sober ex-boyfriend at 5 in the afternoon? Voicemail.

Of course, letting things go to voicemail means you’re stuck either returning the call (which could be painful) or looking like a jerk (no one wants to be a jerk…except maybe jerks, which explains a lot about my dating history).

Enter Slydial.

One of my buddy Amanda Gravel’s clients and a product of technology communications company Mobile Sphere, Slydial allows you to send voicemails to any mobile phone without having to take the chance the person will pick up. Just dial 267-SLY-DIAL (267-759-3425), and follow the prompts. From there, you’ll have to listen to a brief ad, and then leave your message. A missed call from the number you dial from will even appear in the recipients call list.

The campaign for the service is pretty slick and humorous, with a page of videos discussing the various situations you’d use the Slydial to fake phone tag–my favorite was the girl trying to avoid getting stuck on the phone with a boring relative. It may sound mean, but again, isn’t it better than just not calling at all? Technology is so beautiful.

And has there ever been a better solution for letting someone you’re dating down easy without that difficult conversation? Girls, how many times have you had to tell a girlfriend, upset that her latest guy just stopped calling, that he was clearly a coward who didn’t want to have to confront you with the news that it wasn’t working out?

Sure, a voicemail breakup is no picnic (take it from the girl who got dumped on IM earlier this year), but at least it’s a conclusion.

Other Possible, if Slightly Nefarious, Uses:

  • Calling your mom back without having to hear about how your sister’s cat got eaten by a wild animal (not that this happened to me or anything, sigh)
  • Calling in sick to work
  • Checking in with a co-worker without disturbing them during a meeting (yay, a non-nefarious use!)
  • Calling a friend or relative with belated birthday or other greetings after they’ve gone to bed without waking them

There’s really almost no end to the possibilities. While I usually say I will use a service and then forget about it, this is one I might actually put to good use.

How would you use Slydial?

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  2. Ahem. Now no one would actually *use* something like this to call in sick to work, would they?

    *Is now suspicious of all voicemails left… ;-)

  3. Ha! Well I suppose if it were like 6am and I knew I was too sick to work, I could leave the voicemail on your phone without risking waking you. But of course, speaking to the boss about it is far better and that is what everyone should do! ;)

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