object:location Episode 9- Cuil and OpenID

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Whoa. Cuil, a brand new search engine launched today, and  bloggers noticed. Look at any tech blog and you’ll find an opinion of cuil. Either it’s a google killer or a failure.

Everyone that looks at cuil has to compare it to google even though the engine launched this morning, and you can’t blame them. Why?

The People- Cuil is staffed by a bunch of ex-googlers, all with search backgrounds. And when a bunch of ex-google folks get together and launch a company based on search, well, you compare them to google.

The Size- Cuil’s press release is entitled “Cuil Launches Biggest Search Engine on the Web” and they have claimed to have “indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine.” By “any other search engine”, they mean google.

Privacy Concerns- Cuil announced that they do not collect any personally identifiable information and they do not keep users’ IP addresses.

The Design- In stark contrast to google’s all white home page, cuil’s home is all-black. Sure, this is pretty much meaningless, but it is a shot at google.

What Does It All Mean?

Great question. What does it all mean?

I’ve played around with cuil all morning and have been comparing it to google, and have found google’s results to be better in all cases. But hey, this cuil thing is a day old. Google has had a decade of experience to make their search results the best possible, and everyone uses it. If cuil really wants to cut into any of Google’s market share, they’ll need to come up with something more than just a different design and comparable search results. It takes a lot to change behavior…..especially when google is so good.

But that’s not a shot at cuil. I mean, it’s their first day out and they are being compared to a search power house. It’s as if I created a social network and launched it today, and everyone would be asking “Will this new network completely destroy facebook?” It just makes no sense, but you can’t help comparing cuil to google.

So, we’ll be talking about Cuil today on the object:location podcast. We’ll also be talking about the different OpenID providers and how they differ.

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