Awesome Example of a “Vote For Us” Email

As a startup, it makes sense to do awards submissions. One of the biggest ones out there is “The Crunchies”, a competition put on by TechCrunch to award the best startups and internet/tech innovations of the year. This is the second annual competition, and final voting just started. This afternoon I got the following email from

Dear 12ers,

The Crunchies, Baby.

Because of your participation in 12seconds, we’ve been nominated for a Crunchie. It’s like the Oscars but for startup nerds and it means a lot to us. It’s enough that we were nominated but we’re still going for broke (literally) and we’d like you to vote for us once a day, every day until you can’t vote anymore. If you’d like a daily reminder, please and we’ll remind you every day at noon PST. We’ll even include a daily affirmation like, “you are really good looking” with every email. Thanks for helping us out.

Wow. I love it. The voice is just awesome. It’s conversational, it’s humorous, it’s self-deprecating, it’s honest. I love the idea of creating an email list that will send a message every day at noon to remind people to vote again. I have no idea if it’ll be effective, but it’s great. I also love the ftw@ email address. For the win. Love it.

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