Nuze2me: Personalized News Feed For Celebrity, Sports and Entertainment

No one seems happy with the state of news aggregation. I know that I’m not. When it comes to my RSS reader, I often feel completely overwhelmed, and I always see duplicate content. Where most personalized news services try to be your one location for all news across the web, Nuze2me is taking a different [...]

Excellent Marketing Gimmick: mirRoR Placement

A few moments ago someone walked into the Aprigo offices with what looked to be a gift. They were looking for the CEO and said they had something for him. Well, it turned out to be the cake you see on the right. They were here celebrating the 5th birthday of Ruby on Rails. The [...]

The New Gig- At Aprigo

So, I’ve been hinting around at this on twitter, facebook, etc., but haven’t really made an official announcement yet. So here’s that. Today is day two at my new job as marketing manager for aprigo. Though I can’t say much about the company right now, I can say that it’s a SaaS startup out of [...]

Back From Vegas

Wow. Two full weeks without posts. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone, and I have to tell you, I am really excited to get back on the blogging horse. See, for the last week I was in Las Vegas celebrating one of two things. It was either celebrating the end of my 20s, or the [...]

The Business of Community Networking Conference

On March 24-26 here in Boston, there will be a conference entitled “The Business of Community Networking“. The overview: We have designed the one marketing event that you can’t afford to miss – a best practice conference to create social networks and measure ROI of online marketing. Help your business interact, network and exchange knowledge [...]

DEMO 2009 Day Two Session One

So, it’s day two of DEMO 2009 and I just watched the morning’s presentations. Here are the companies that were on stage this morning and what they’re all about: Ensembli- Ensembli is a feedreader-like web app that suggests content based on your interests. From their DEMO page: "What’s relevant to you is deeply personal to [...]

DEMO 2009 Day Two Session One Liveblog

DEMO 2009 Day Two Session One

DEMO 2009- Day One Session One Wrapup

Yesterday was the first day of DEMO 2009, and I wasn’t able to spend time liveblogging it. Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of fun? Well, that won’t happen today, as I’ve cleared my schedule to pay attention to the presentations. Since I did such a poor job covering DEMO yesterday, [...]

DEMO Drinking Game

I’ve been to DEMO and have been following this year’s DEMO 2009 online (facebook integration with BitGravity here). After watching many, many presentations, I’ve noticed some trends. Enough to come up with a list that could be used as a drinking game. One Sip Someone mentions Robert Scoble in their presentation A presenter mentions Chris [...]

DEMO 2009 Session One Semi Live Blog

DEMO 2009