Blogging Vacation Over

Whew. April is almost over, and I’m excited. See, for some reason I felt like my blog posts were just falling apart. I was forcing them. For all my complaints about sites regurgitating press releases in order to be the first to cover a topic, I was guilty of that myself. Rather than approaching a blog post with an idea, I’d open my blog editor, then I’d try to find something to write about. That resulted in yawn-inducing blog posts that didn’t benefit anyone. So I stopped. And I took a blogcation.

It was strange. I’d hear about something shiny and new, and I’d almost instinctively start a post. But then I’d stop myself and ask one question: What do you have to add that’s different from everyone else? In every case I found the answer to be the same…..


So I’d close the window and walk away.

Not posting for a month gave me a few insights.

  1. When you stop blogging, your traffic will bottom out. I’m sure this is no surprise to you, but I can tell you with empirical certainty that it’s true.
  2. When you stop blogging, you start feeling disconnected. One of the things I really enjoy about blogging is the connections with readers and other bloggers. I’d write about something I’m interested in, and others who care about the topic would start communicating with me. That is truly awesome.
  3. This isn’t a job. It’s fun. When I was at my last gig, I talked myself into the idea that I was doing this blog because it would help me with work. Since I was working at a consumer-facing startup, I figured blogging would help me stay ontop of trends, would help me market the company, and so on. Well, now that I’m at a B-to-B company, I really have no reason to keep up this blog. At least, that is, if I followed the same logic. Problem is……I just deluded myself into thinking blogging was tied to my job. It’s not. Sure, there may be some nice side benefits, but I’m only doing this because it’s fun.

So that about says it all. I really missed posting here, but I think my posts will be better because of my blogcation. I have a bunch of posts just waiting to see the light of day, and it’s time to let them see the sun.

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  1. Glad you have a new found inspiration for writing again! I look forward to your future posts!

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