The First Six Steps Of Getting Your Startup Noticed

Let’s play a little make believe. Let’s say you just started a job at a startup company that is in stealth mode. Your job is to promote the company and get it noticed online, and today is the day to get started. But where do you start? I’ve been in that situation before, and had [...]

How Much Leeway Do You Give To Betas?

I saw the news today that ImindI, after giving away 1000 invites to their beta on TechCrunch, accidentally deleted all user accounts. Whoops. ImindI’s CEO Adam Lindemann sent out an apology email: Dear Friends of Imindi, Yesterday, we were featured on Techcrunch and many of you were kind enough to sign up to the service. [...]

How Important Is Comparison?

I was writing a post for one of my other blogs about Software As A Service (SaaS), when something hit me. Let me back up a little bit so I can explain. When people write about the advantages of software as a service vs. on-premise, installed software, they generally talk about: Time to value No [...]

The First Boston Area Startup Marketing Group Meeting- June 16

After several false starts, we really are going to have the first Boston-area Startup Marketing Group meeting on June 16th in sunny, historic Waltham MA. And unlike the previous shots at having meetings, we actually have a venue this time! Depending on the turnout we have two options…if there are 25 people coming we can [...]

What’s Next In Tech Boston

I finally got around to catching up with my RSS reader today and saw a post from Don Dodge on the What’s Next In Tech? event. The event is being moderated by Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe and is hosted by Future Forward Events LLC in association with The Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship and [...]

Is SaaS Consolidation Inevitable?

I’ve been a slacker here at blogstring lately (though I have two new posts in the queue for this weekend), so I thought I’d post something here from one of my other blogs. Since taking the new gig, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the software as a service (SaaS) space. Not exactly [...]

The Car Warranty Scammers Work Fast These Days: Within 24 hours of having a new phone, they’re calling me.

Yesterday I did something I said I’d never do: I got an iPhone. I really, really wanted to wait for the Palm Pre, but my Blackberry was on its last leg, and I had to make a change. Since my contract with Sprint is up later this month, I just finally decided to make the [...]

Free Business Cards From Google and iPrint

If you’ve got a google profile, you can get 25 free business cards shipped to you in 11 days. Here’s what they’ll look like: All you have to do is go here. Pretty simple, eh? (BTW, you need to be logged in to google)