The Panasonic Living In HD Program

Just found out about Panasonic’s new “Living in HD” program and giveaway. They’re basically looking for bloggers, photographers, videobloggers, etc. (anyone who creates content) to join the program, and the winner gets an entire suite of Panasonic HD toys. What They’re Giving Grand Prize: A 50 inch Viera Plasma HD TV; Two Lumix Digital Cameras [...]

A Quick Podcamp Boston 4 Wrapup #pcb4

It’s Monday morning, and I think I’ve finally organized my thoughts enough to talk a little bit about Podcamp Boston 4. My Initial Impressions When I looked at the session list, I immediately turned into an angry old man. One of my biggest complaints about conferences like podcamp is that all of the discussion centers [...]

Twitter is down, facebook is sketchy, and Knoyce is hilarious

Twitter is down, presumably due to a DDOS attack, and facebook is really sketchy today. While checking out blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable, I noticed a pattern….the people that have just "launched" the "new social network" called Knoyce are trying to capitalize on it. On the Mashable post entitled "Facebook Down. Twitter Down. Social Media [...]

A Podcamp Boston 4 Preview: It’s All Social Media

This weekend is podcamp Boston 4, and the original Blogstring crew will reunite to provide total coverage. In other words, Sarah is coming up from D.C., and we’ll be at podcamp. I think that- in the past year- I’ve turned into a grumpy old man. That’s not to say that I wasn’t like that last [...]

Hey Apple, Can You Make Buying Gift Codes A Little More Difficult?

I’m going to skip the requisite apology for seldom posting, and am just going to jump right in. Over at the new gig, I came up with an idea for a giveaway. The last day of July is Systems Administrators Appreciation Day, and since a good portion of our eventual target market consists of sysadmins, [...]