How Much Leeway Do You Give To Betas?

I saw the news today that ImindI, after giving away 1000 invites to their beta on TechCrunch, accidentally deleted all user accounts. Whoops. ImindI’s CEO Adam Lindemann sent out an apology email: Dear Friends of Imindi, Yesterday, we were featured on Techcrunch and many of you were kind enough to sign up to the service. [...]

Nuze2me: Personalized News Feed For Celebrity, Sports and Entertainment

No one seems happy with the state of news aggregation. I know that I’m not. When it comes to my RSS reader, I often feel completely overwhelmed, and I always see duplicate content. Where most personalized news services try to be your one location for all news across the web, Nuze2me is taking a different [...]

The New Gig- At Aprigo

So, I’ve been hinting around at this on twitter, facebook, etc., but haven’t really made an official announcement yet. So here’s that. Today is day two at my new job as marketing manager for aprigo. Though I can’t say much about the company right now, I can say that it’s a SaaS startup out of [...]

Diddit Launches Public Alpha- The Personal Experience Sharing Trend Marches On

You’ve seen the "25 Things" meme on facebook. If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably been "tagged" before. The rise of the "share your experience" trend is heating up, and now diddit has launched to take advantage of it. What Is diddit? Well, I’m glad you asked. Diddit is a social site where you can check [...]

BuzzGain Enters Public Beta

Image via CrunchBase Today, Brian Solis and Mukund Mohan announced the public beta of BuzzGain, a social media monitoring service much like MightyBrand. Here’s what they say: BuzzGain is an online service for discovering and engaging with the people who will help your business thrive in today’s social economy – where attention is a precious [...]

Demotix- The Bridge To Mainstream Media

Demotix is a UK-based UGC photo news site that connects photographers and videographers with mainstream media. Since there’s a growing number of "citizen journalists" (people with cell phone cameras, digital cameras, flip videos, etc.), there are great newsworthy photos taken by amateurs every day that never make it to mainstream media sources. Demotix describes it [...]

Telonu- Rave, Rant and Rate Your Company

Today, telonu launched the public beta of their service, a community site where users can talk about their employer anonymously. The site mixes reviews and ratings of companies with networking features. From their press release: Telonu Inc. today announced the beta launch of its free user generated content community website, focused on the workplace. [...] Is Now FriendConnect Enabled

A few moments ago I got the following email: Hi, We appreciate your interest in Google Friend Connect and would now like to invite you to try the service.  You can get started by visiting our homepage and clicking the “Set up a new site” button. Please sign in with your account to [...]

Handicapping The Open Web Awards- Mainstream & Large Scale Social Networks

It’s a terrible day here in Boston, and I’ve run out of shows on my DVR. So, I thought I’d actually get back to the keyboard and do something productive. As you probably already know, the mashable Open Web Awards nominees have been named, and voting goes until Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008.  Here are the nominees [...]

TurnHere Launches Voiceover Video For Small Businesses

Today, TurnHere, an internet video and advertising company announced the addition of a premium voiceover video package for small businesses. From their press release: The voiceover offering expands TurnHere’s portfolio of interview-based narrative video ads for small businesses and gives business owners a compelling way to tell their story without having to be on camera. [...]