Pownce Is Done.

Just saw the news that pownce, a microblogging competitor to twitter, has been acquired by Six Apart, and the service will shut down in two weeks. From the pownce blog: We have some very big news today at Pownce. We will be closing the service and Mike and I, along with the Pownce technology, have [...]

One Invite Left…Get It While it’s Hot! (or relevant…)

I was initially a bit “meh” on Pownce, but the cutesy little microblogging platform has grown on me like a fungus this week. It’s possible that I would have liked Twitter just as much…if I’d ever gotten round to actually using the account I signed up for over there. So I guess you can say [...]

Quick Link: MyMovieMatch on ZDNet

Ryan Stewart at ZDNet has a post reviewing something called MyMovieMatch. See what I did there? I made it sound like I don’t know anything about MyMovieMatch. Clever, right? Full Disclosure: I am employed by the very company behind MyMovieMatch. So my feigned detachment is pretty much shot now. And now I can put this [...]

MyMovieMatch Beta Is Out

I can finally say this: we’ve released MyMovieMatch. It’s been a long time coming and a tremendous amount of work from a large number of ridiculously talented and dedicated people, but I can say it: MyMovieMatch beta is out! So stop reading and check it out!!!

Blog of the Day: Digital Backcountry

On my RSS feed since day one at the new gig: Ryan Stewart’s blog on rich internet applications. Sure, if you are at all interested in the RIA space, you know who Ryan is, but if you’re new to the RIA world, check him out. He’s the guy you read if you’re into RIA stuff. [...]