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Qajack- The Video Game With Excellent Messaging

Last night I got an email from Adam Martin of Qajack, a newly launched “video game” based on Questions and answers. Think of it as Yahoo Answers meets 12seconds. Something like that. Here’s what they say it is: Qajack uses video to play with what you know and what you want to know. It’s deliberately [...]

Top 10 Tips On Getting Your Startup Noticed

So, since I’ve gone off on my own (doing some consulting and freelance work) after matchmine, I decided I needed a blog to show what I can do for clients. I really want to focus on helping startups with marketing, promotion, PR, social media strategy, etc., so I started a blog at MarketingStartups.com. Aside from [...]

matchmine’s New Partners: ODEO, Blogdigger, Blogged, MediaMelon and IODA

Today at 9:02 AM, matchmine’s press release hit the wires announcing four new partners and one distribution deal. Though I could pick up my metaphorical pom-poms again and preach the virtues of matchmine (I am their evangelist, you know), I won’t do that here. Instead, I’d rather take a look at the partners. 1. Odeo- [...]

Feelings on Buzz Tracking Services

Michael Arrington of, well, you know, has an article covering a new buzz tracking service called Scout Labs. Here’s the idea: Businesses (brand managers in particular) create an agent called a “scout” for their brands. Scout Labs then looks back to find mentions of your brand (blog posts, videos, etc) and scores the mentions based [...]

How Videos Become Viral- It’s Not What You Think

There’s a great post on TechCrunch right now by Dan Ackerman Greenberg, co-founder of viral video marketing company The Comotion Group. In it, Dan shows the methods he uses to make their videos “viral.” It includes methods such as: Pay bloggers to embed the videos Start forum threads and embed their own videos. From the [...]

I do…now I don’t. OMFG.

(via mashable) Thank you, Kristen Nicole for providing me with something to write about on a Sunday afternoon with no Patriots game. There’s a new social network called “I Do…Now I Don’t.” After reading Kristen Nicole’s article, I was under the impression that the site was a social network for those who have been through [...]

Social Media Breakfast 2: Bigger and Better

The first Social Media Breakfast, created by Bryan Person and sponsored by CustomScoop in Boston last month, attracted a great crowd of about 20 Boston-area bloggers and new media enthusiasts, and was not only a great discussion, but a lot of fun. So I was thrilled to attend SMB2 this morning, held at Digital Influence [...]